Welcome to the Law Office of Julia Perkins

The Law Office of Julia Perkins is dedicated to serving young adults, growing families, and senior citizens who have need for assistance with estate planning and/or administration.

Our office is located in La Mesa, California and we serve clients throughout San Diego County.  The firm was initially founded in 1987 by Kaye E. Hambleton and she was joined by Julia Perkins, her daughter, in 2001.  Julia Perkins is now carrying on the practice after Kaye E. Hambleton’s retirement in 2015.

The estate planning process informs clients about the tools available under California and federal law to: (1) protect family members and family assets; (2) make a legally binding statement so that there is no doubt about a client’s wishes in the case of his or her illness, incapacity, or death.  Wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and health care directives are common estate planning tools.

Our focus also includes the administration of decedent’s trusts and Wills.  Often we provide guidance to executors, trustees and other family members where no court involvement is required.  We also serve clients in court supervised trust and estate administration matters, trust and estate related litigation, and conservatorship and guardianship matters which are heard in the Probate Courts of San Diego County.

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