Conservatorship is the court process through which the court determines the mental capacity of an individual.  Then, if lack of sufficient capacity is established, the court appoints a conservator to manage the conservatee’s persona and/or financial needs.  Conservatorships are reviewed periodically by the court and if the conservator has been appointed to manage the conservatee’s estate, the conservator must account to the court periodically.

A limited conservatorship is established for developmentally disabled adults who lack capacity to manage their personal and financial needs.  Limited conservatorships differ from general conservatorships in that they are tailored to the limited conservatee’s strengths and limitations, the objective being to allow the limited conservatee as much independence as feasible.

The Law Office of Julia Perkins is experienced in the representation of families of loved ones in need of conservatorship or limited conservatorship. Located in La Mesa, California and serving clients throughout San Diego County, we handle conservatorship cases with knowledge and dignity. It is often not easy for family members to admit they need assistance in these areas and we offer the compassion necessary to make this transition as easy as possible for all involved.

Once the conservatorship is established, we continue to help you with reporting requirements and filing periodic accountings. Not only will you establish a vehicle to take care of your loved one and assure their support, but we will keep it in compliance as well.

If it is time to establish better support for a loved one, contact our office to schedule a consultation.