In California, probate is required when a person dies having an estate that is subject to probate of $150,000 or more.  Probate is the process by which the court oversees the administration and distribution of the estate of a deceased person.  Examples of property that would not be subject to probate are property held in a Trust, accounts or life insurance policies that have a designated beneficiary, and joint tenancy accounts.  The probate process enforces the terms of the Will or, for estates with no Will, determines distribution based on California law.

The Law Office of Julia Perkins is prepared to represent you through probate proceedings. Located in La Mesa, California and serving clients throughout San Diego County, our firm is experienced in estate planning and probate matters. You can be assured that your loved one’s wishes will be honored or if they died without a Will, that property distribution will happen in a fair and orderly manner in accordance with California law.

There are also summary probate proceedings available in certain situations such as when the probate estate is less than $150,000 or when the deceased person is survived by a spouse.  Our firm is experienced in all types of probate matters.

During our initial meeting we can help you determine whether probate is required or whether a summary or alternative proceeding is available.  If probate is required, the next steps will usually include an initial filing with the court, inventory of assets, payments to creditors, accounting, and final distribution of the estate.  We are mindful that it is hard to be at your personal best while grieving the loss of a loved one.  We try our best to keep you informed and clearly communicate options in a way that works best for you so you never feel left in the dark.

If you need assistance after the recent death of a loved one, contact our office today to schedule a consultation and start probate proceedings.