Trust Administration

“Trust administration” most typically refers to the process of carrying out the terms of a trust after of the creator of the trust has died or has become incapacitated.  In most cases, trusts are not implemented or supervised by the courts. While this streamlines some aspects of management and property distribution there are still many legal requirements with which the trustee must comply. Failure to exercise care delays the transfer of assets and may even leave family members vulnerable.

The Law Office of Julia Perkins creates trusts for clients but also represents trustees in the administration of trusts.  As each individual settlor’s situation is unique, each trust presents its own issues and challenges in administration.  For example, the process of administration will vary depending upon the number of beneficiaries, their relationship to the settlor, trustee and each other, and the types of property held in the trust estate.  During our initial consultation we will discuss these aspects with you and begin to develop a plan for the administration process.  In general, after the first meeting the administration of the trust will include creating an inventory of assets, providing requisite legal notices, paying creditors, accounting, and distributing the trust property.

Located in La Mesa, CA and serving clients throughout San Diego County, we are experienced in advising trustees in the management of trusts. Contact our office today to discuss trust administration.